Tuesday, May 19, 2015

End of Year Program

 Our Classical Communications community does a wonderful End of Year Presentation!

Corban was awarded his
Memory Master certificate and a fun prize!

CC West Broward 2014-2015 Memory Masters
The Abecedarian and Mini Apprentice classes did their presentation on the U.S. Presidents and States/Capitals
(Abigail was Abraham Lincoln).
 Corban's class did a presentation on anatomy systems (Corban was the axial skeleton)
Mrs. Denise (Abigail's tutor) gave her a special gift for being a Subject Master!

with our director Mrs. Lysandra

Thursday, April 30, 2015

April dates

Daddy and Corban went to see "Mythbusters: Jaime and Adam Unleashed."

First they went to dinner and then to the live show.  It was a fun night filled behind-the-scenes from the t.v. show, funny stories and experiments.

Memory Master and Subject Master

Corban and Abigail both had a great year with Cycle 3 at Classical Conversations!  
We have a wonderful community, they both had super tutors and fun classes with friends!  Corban was a Memory Master (for the 4th time!)- 
with complete mastery of all 24 weeks of material across all 7 subjects!
Abigail was a Subject Master (memorizing all material in a subject) for 4 subjects-
Timeline, History, Geography and Math!
We are VERY proud of both Corban and Abigail!

final proofing with Director Ms. Lysandra!

English Grammar:

April school

History:  WV, KS, NV, NE, CO, ND, SD, MT, WA, ID, and WY


we started a States quarter collection

Bible: The Good Shepherd, The Resurrection and the Life, and The Word
Science: Magnets, Air, Sound and Inventions

As a family we read Mountain Born and Sarah, Plain and Tall

Imacs open house

more April pictures

we hosted a Passover Seder

We saw Cinderella (Asher made it halfway and then went for a walk with Daddy)

Macy's Mulan birthday party
Hadassah made a scavenger hunt for Mommy with pictures as treasure!  
"Hadassah with Mommy and Daddy"     "roses"
"candles"     "Mommy and Hadassah talking at the table"