Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Best Forman Friends

The Forman family came for Corban's birthday party and spent the weekend with us!  
We all loved time together!

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Mario Party

Corban had a Mario themed birthday party! 
We invited nine of his friends (and everyone was able to come!) over for an afternoon of 
playing Mario video games, swimming, playing on the slack line, eating and celebrating!
Corban had a great time!
Luigi's pizza
Princess Daisy turkey roll-ups
Princess Peach's peaches
Mario Kart Tires (oreos)
Veggie Fire Flower
Fire Balls (cheese balls)
Ice Balls (frozen grapes)
Princess Peach punch, juice boxes and water
Mario's Mustache chocolate cake
Power-Ups vanilla cupcakes
Mario Bomb cake pops
"game over" 
gift bags 
for guests

Golden Birthday

Corban James
8 years
50 lbs
4 ft 1 1/2 in.
favorite color:  purple then aqua then green
favorite toy:  marble machine and Pokemon cards
favorite movie:  The Lego Movie
favorite tv show:  Phineas & Ferb
favorite game:  Khet (board) and Mario (video)
favorite sport:  swimming
favorite food:  cheeseburgers, cheese pizza, mint desserts
favorite book: The Adventures of TinTin series and The Boxcar Children series
favorite verse:  book of Revelation
favorite subject:  space and art
best friends:  my family
what he wants to do/be when he grows up:  astronaut

last night as a 7 year old
Corban started the day with breakfast in bed!
 Mommy and Daddy brought him doughnuts (shaped as an 8!), 
sang to him, told him about the day he was born, and snuggled with him.
Then we told him to look under his plate for the first clue to his Golden Scavenger Hunt!

8 clues for his 
8th birthday on the 
8th to find 
8 gold dollars!

and a bonus clue to find his other gifts!

explaining the gift she made

found an 
"H for Hadassah"!

movie and milkshake in the afternoon
cheeseburger and sundae for dinner