Wednesday, November 26, 2014

November dates

Abigail and Mommy 
ice cream date

We went to the car wash together and ate our ice cream as we waited!

Hadassah and Mommy plan 
and make a meal date

After seeing Abigail do this date last month, Hadassah was excited to plan her own meal and keep everyone out of the kitchen- she wanted it to be a surprise!  She also wanted to make her meal when Grandma and PaPa were visiting.

Hadassah chose: 
mac'n'cheese, brussel sprouts, apple sauce, 
apple punch and rainbow brownies for dessert! 
It was yummy!
Corban and Daddy breakfast date
Chris and I went to the TasteHOPE gala.
We also got all dressed up for the 
Mercedez Benz Fort Lauderdale MODS gala!

November school

Abigail's Classical Conversations class

Hadassah and Asher's 
nursery class

 CC Fall Party
In Bible and Science, at home, Corban and Abigail learned about birds.
In History we studied DE, PA, NJ, GA, CT, MD, MA and SC

models of the Liberty Bell (PA)

Peach cobbler (GA)

Johnny Cakes

Thanksgiving stories and crafts!

birthday wishes


watching his cupcakes bake
sometimes the box is the 
best part of a gift!

funny guy!