Saturday, February 28, 2015

February school

This month, in US History and Geography we studied ME, MO, AR, MI, FL, TX, IA, and WI

corn casserole (IA)

cheese platter (WI)
Samuel Morse and the California Gold Rush
Bible: Head of the Body, Lord of lords and King of Kings
Science: Periodic table, testing for starches and acids, atoms and molecules

Valentines Party at CC

family presentation at CC

Abigail finished Language Lessons: Level 2 and Horizons Math K and
she will begin Explode the Code 1 and Horizons Math 1 (book 1).
Corban is continuing to do Imacs (Math and Computer Engineering) and swimming,
Abigail is now taking two Ballet I classes and a Jazz I class
and Hadassah is still taking a Mini-Ballet class.

Voytenko family visit

The Voytenko family came to visit us for a week!
We all had a great time together, the children had lots of fun and
even though the weather was a little cooler, they still got to enjoy plenty of Florida sun!

more February pictures

Groundhog's Day

hugs for sleeping sister

YAA museum


Museum of Discovery and Science


weather "safety tips" when we got into the 40's


We all continue to enjoy watching the cycle of monarch butterflies in our yard
(and buying more milkweed!)

We had lots of caterpillars (we counted 14 one day!)
and now chrysalis (we have found 9!).
We were even able to watch the amazing process of a caterpillar transforming into a chrysalis (which only took a few minutes!)