Monday, August 18, 2014

Fall Semester

This school year, Corban and Abigail will both be doing Classical Conversations Foundations program again.  CC is on Cycle 3 this year, with the United States of America as the focus for History and Geography.  To compliment what we will be doing with CC,  I have chosen 
MFW Adventures in U.S. History curriculum to do at home with both children!
I am really looking forward to the opportunities this will provide for learning and discovering and reading together.  There might be some areas that I will need to simplify for Abigail and I plan on Corban doing quite a bit of additional reading of American people, events and literature.  He has already started reading some of the Who was...? 
biography series and is making a book with summaries of the people he reads about.
Together we will read Mathematicians Are People, Too 
and as a family we are currently reading Dandelion Wine.  

Corban will also begin:
Horizon Math 3 (book 1)

Abigail will continue
her Bible reader and notebook from MFW 1st grade
and will begin
Horizons Math K (book 2)
A Reason for Handwriting A

While other activities/classes will begin in September, 
(Classical Conversations- Corban and Abigail, 
IMACS- Corban, swim team- Corban, 
and ballet- Abigail and Hadassah) 
we begin our curriculums at home this week!

Sunday, August 17, 2014


We joined a playgroup that has really fun playdates!  They are geared more for Hadassah's age, so we usually just go to events at a park where Corban and Abigail can play on the playground (and participate some!) while Hadasssah has fun with her friends.
Superhero theme
The children made masks and we took Superhero pictures.

Wonder Woman!

spa theme 
(cucumber eyes, hand scrub, nail painting, and smoothie stations!)
This month, we have also had fun meeting friends at the park 
or inviting them over for swimming at our house!

Saturday, August 16, 2014



a "bad guy" crushing the city
Wonder Woman
Hadassah is constantly pretending to be Wonder Woman right now! 
I found the first season of WW at the library and she was so excited to watch.  She has made her own "lasso of truth", tells me when she is invisible (riding in her jet), and will correct being called Hadassah with either Diana or Wonder Woman!

Wonder Woman napping 
that afternoon!

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Nine Months

Asher Isaac
9 months
22 lbs
30 3/4 in

healthy     *     growing     *     happy
lots of smiles and laughter
ticklish     *     funny
6 teeth     *     blonde hair
says "Mama"
stands by himself     *     crawls quickly
cruising (walking holding onto everything he can find- a hand, toy, chair)
blows raspberries and pats his mouth to make noises
growing appetite
curious     *     determined
likes to climb on, over and around things
likes to open cabinets and take out all he can find
has dropped 3 rolls of TP in toilet

Thursday, July 31, 2014

more July pics

Abigail was so excited to be able to sign up for the summer reading programs this year!  Barnes & Noble has a program where after reading 8 books, children get to pick a free book!
Corban and Abigail are both doing the Summer Reading program at the library too.
Moon Fest (with activities for families to celebrate the 45th anniversary of first Apollo moon landing!) 
at the Planetarium on Nova campus
We had all windows and doors on our home replaced.
sliding glass doors were converted to french doors