Tuesday, September 30, 2014

more September pics

these two love to swing

Grandmother and Grandpa visited for a weekend

a then and now picture

fun with birthday gifts!

Monday, September 29, 2014

September dates

Hadassah and Mommy playdough date

in pink and purple (pink lemonade and grape).  
They smell nice and both have a pastel color.

Hadassah's favorite thing to make is snakes, she made a big pile of them!

Corban and Daddy plant date

Daddy and Corban gathered seeds, soil, pots and water and planted a mango, an avocado and some tomatoes for our backyard!

Abigail and Mommy craft date

We went to a plant nursery with a pot painting area for children (and then they get to pick a plant for their decorated pot!).
Abigail picked a pretty pink flower for her pot.   The woman, who worked there, that had been talking with us about plants and butterflies told Abigail she could also take a milkweed plant (monarchs like to eat and lay their eggs on milkweed).

And then we sat and watched butterflies while we shared a frozen apple cider!
We went 4Kids of South Florida's dinner and The Orphan Train show event.

Friday, September 26, 2014

6 years old

Abigail Kylie
6 years
favorite color: pink and yellow
favorite toy:  blankie
favorite movie:  Sleeping Beauty
favorite tv show:  Little House on the Praire
favorite game: Monopoly Jr. 
favorite sport:  swimming and ballet
favorite food:  cheese quesadillas and chicken nuggets
favorite book:  my children's Discoverer's Bible
favorite verse:  the Abraham and Isaac story (Genesis 22)
favorite subject:  science
best friend:  Asher
what she wants to do/be when she grows up: a Mommy and a Queen

last night as a 5 year old!
After months of talking about a Frozen birthday, Abigail decided that she wanted 
her party on her birthday, as opposed to waiting for the weekend.  
So we celebrated Abigail all day long!

she wanted Corban to be with her for her breakfast in bed
Abigail wanted a pool party ("its a pool party and not a swim party because we don't have to swim laps!")
We ate dinner while watching Frozen 
and then went swimming again after dark with pool lights on.
A pink ice cream cake ("because ice cream is frozen") and opening gifts!

Sunday, September 21, 2014

first steps

Asher has been cruising for a couple months and has been standing on his own longer and then this week he took his first official steps all on his own!  
But he still does his trademark crawl with his left leg curled up to get around quickly.
He has also figured out how to open doors!
Asher is a very handsome and happy- and also very active and curious- little guy!

FX Fiesta

We went to our church's Fiesta themed family night!  
After a taco dinner, we competed as a family in a series of minute-to-win-it games.  
It was a very fun night and the Pendrak family tied for first place!