Sunday, November 30, 2014


We went to Grandmother and Grandpa's for Thanksgiving
The Pendrak cousins had fun together!
Grandmother and the children's table at Thanksgiving meal

Asher got to meet everyone 
and Levi tolerated him rubbing his hair

Hadassah and Ian 
were good buddies

more November pictures

how I find them some mornings
Asher discovered the grass in our backyard and 
did this all by himself (even scooted a chair over the table to climb up!)

making breakfast
where is Asher?

Beach weekend

Chris and I (with Asher!) had a weekend "away"!  
We stayed at a hotel on Fort Lauderdale beach, ate at local beach side restaurants, 
relaxed, went to the spa and got massages, walked along the beach and Las Olas, 
and had a great time!  

parks and play

The children had fun walking, skating, scootering, and biking 
around the neighborhood and playground with Grandma and PaPa!

making faces with PaPa

an inch worm
 duck family on our street